Hangar de stockage au Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace

The air and space museum wants to redevelop the whole technical area in Dugny, by building new storage sheds aircraft that will complement those already established in the 20th century. The project of construction of a « Wood and canvas» hangar is part of this vast redevelopment project.
More precisely, the hangar will be used to store fragile collections, which are made of wood and canvas elements.
Get a new storage shed with atmosphere treatment, the construction of a suitable building for future users, cost control of maintenance and exploitation, ensure implementation of safety and hygiene standards and offer a workshop building of significant image are the objectives of the project.

Our first choice was to choose a three-dimensional structure to reduce the expanding points to the ground but also to allow the storage of planes by suspending them from the knots of the structure.
The unit of a volume is to find an image close to that of an aircraft. The outside bardage in sheet steel is smooth and grey metallic in general to keep a harmony with the nearby Bermuda hangar.
The front and rear facades are covered with cladding, which contains waves and dark color to highlight the desired volume.
Speed of assembly and ease of implementation optimizing costs and deadlines. Of high tide foot, workspaces are accessible to all.

The general organization of the "Wood and Canvas" hangar has to guarantee the safety of the people and the goods. The simplicity and clarity of spaces allow optimizing the travel.
The airlock treatment area is served by two pedestrian doors, it is naturally lit by two large oculus equipped with internal blinds. The second automatic door is equipped with a large glass strip to communicate with the storage area.
Positioned in the center of the mezzanine, the lift allows to shine on all storage locations without loss of space.
Located against the front facade, the set of shelves under the mezzanine can store as closely as possible to the access so freeing a big and double back volume.
Grouped and accessible from the mezzanine, technical areas include a cupboard TGBT, a premises pumps and two power plants of air treatment. Circulations are conceived according to a route to be traveled, of a displacement frequency, and a flow of independence. The crossings of these flows are avoided; juxtapositions are favored. They are in any case optimized to increase the safety of the travels as well as the profitability of the working time.
A road marking allows to identify the zones of storage and handling.










2 921 m²


Neuf - Construction d'un hangar de stockage avec contrôle thermique et hygrométrique. Le hangar est destiné à stocker les collections nationales aéronautiques principalement constituées d'éléments en bois et en toile.